Easily track & train breathholds

Appnea is a freely available app that helps you track how long you hold your breath, without interrupting your breathing exercise.

Apnea or apnoea is the cessation of breathing. Voluntarily doing this is called holding one's breath.

Just Breathe

Every other day or so, I practice a breathing technique. I am a "numbers-guy", so I like to know how long I hold my breath, how often I practice and whether or not there's any progress. 🤓

However, I was annoyed at having to interrupt my exercises to find the right button to press on my timer app, or having to enter times manually after using a classic stopwatch, or thinking "did I start my stopwatch now or didn't I?", or having to deal with any other timer issue. So... I created this app called Appnea (get it? app... apnea... haha... alrighty then).

With Appnea, you simply shake your device to control the timer. Audio and vibratory feedback can be given, or can be turned off if you like. Every session is neatly saved in your history for later review. So all that is left to do for you is... just breathe. 😤 And give it a good shake now and then ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

Shake it to start timer

Simply shake your device to start the timer (or press the button). Audio and/or vibratory feedback can be given.

Shake again to stop timer

To stop the timer, shake again (or press the button). You can track and edit multiple breathholds during one session.

See your progress!

Sessions are saved locally on your device. Visualization, search & filter, and export options coming soon.

Track Conscious, Intermittent Hypoxia

... what? Yeah, exactly: holding your breath :)

Breathtaking Visualization

OK, perhaps not really. This is a weekend project after all. But with your support, we can make it better! Try it out now and let me know how you like it!

More Screenshots

Important Disclaimers

Please don't be stupid. Forcing yourself to hold your breath long enough generally kills you. Do not attempt holding your breath under or in water without trained supervision. I'm serious.

Please consult a medical professional before doing any type of breathing exercise with this app.

Also, shake your device carefully. Don't sue me if you shook it to pieces.

This app is not designed to teach breathing exercise instructions. It is not a medical device. It is solely a stopwatch tool for tracking breathing exercises. Use responsibly.